Welcome to the Kenwood Elementary Library.  It is our goal to help inspire and develop a life long love of reading in all students and to equip them to use information technology to meet the needs of 21rst century learners.

The students are off to another great great start this semester. Kenwood also welcomes a new member to the library staff this quarter.  Ms. Brianna Morgan joins us for her eight week student teaching cycle as she finishes her training towards becoming a teacher/librarian. Ms. Morgan worked at Kenwood several years ago as an instructional aide and we are overjoyed to have her back!

All of the k-8 libraries in the district have recently upgraded to new library management software called Destiny.  Fourth and fifth grade students have been trained on how to use it and will soon be able to access the catalog from anywhere!  Please go to the catalog page for more on this exciting development.

2012 ALA Awards are out!

Newbery Award Winner:

Dead End In Norvelt by Jack Gantos

Looks like a bummer of a summer for 11-year-old Jack (with a same-name protagonist, it’s tempting to assume that at least some of this novel comes from the author’s life). After discharging his father’s WWII-souvenir Japanese rifle and cutting down his mom’s fledgling cornfield, he gets grounded for the rest of his life or the rest of the summer of 1962, whichever comes first. Jack gets brief reprieves to help an old neighbor write obituaries for the falling-like-flies original residents of Norvelt, a dwindling coal-mining town. Jack makes a tremendously entertaining tour guide and foil for the town’s eccentric citizens, and his warmhearted but lightly antagonistic relationship with his folks makes for some memorable one-upmanship. Gantos, as always, deliver bushels of food for thought and plenty of outright guffaws, though the story gets stuck in neutral for much of the midsection. When things pick up again near the end of the summer, surprise twists and even a quick-dissolve murder mystery arrive to pay off patient readers. Those with a nose for history will be especially pleased.–Chipman, Ian Copyright 2010 Booklist

Caldecott Award Winner:

A Ball For Daisy by Chris Raschka

This story about loss (and joy) is accomplished without a single word, which is perfect—it puts you directly in the head space of its canine protagonist. The title tells us her name is Daisy, but she is a pretty anonymous little thing, drawn by Raschka as just a few indistinct yet somehow expressive squiggly lines. What’s clear is that she loves playing with her ball, both indoors and out, until the fateful moment that another dog bites too hard on the ball and deflates it. In a heartaching series of nearly identical paintings, Daisy slumps into a sofa as depression overtakes her. Dogs, of course, don’t know that there are more balls in the world, which makes her glee at the end of the book all the sweeter. Raschka uses fairly sophisticated comic-book arrangements—long, narrow, horizontal panels, and so forth—but masks them with soft watercolor edges instead of sharp corners. The result feels like something of pure emotion. Pretty close approximation of what it’s like to be a dog, probably. Booklist (June 1, 2011 (Vol. 107, No. 19)

Want to donate a book to the children of Kenwood Elementary?

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