The Kenwood library electronic catalog, or Destiny Quest,  is open to all Kenwood students, staff and families.  Students may log on to Destiny Quest using their district username and password.  After doing so, they are granted access to the catalogs patron level functions.  This includes the ability to write book reviews, make library “friends” and recommend books to those “friends”.  Destiny Quest is monitored by library personnel.  Users have the ability to flag any comments deemed as inappropriate.

Parents and guests may use the catalog search functions without logging in to Destiny Quest.

Access the School Catalog/ Destiny Quest From Anywhere!  Click Here!

All images below will enlarge when clicked.

Above is the home page for Destiny Quest.  The search features in Destiny Quest are user friendly in that the keyword search is the default search option.  When the results appear, students can easily use the side toolbar to narrow their search.  Searching is just the tip of the iceberg with Destiny Quest.

Clicking on a book brings up the title details screen.  On this screen users are given general information about the book, can recommend the book to friends and view reviews written about the book by students.  By clicking on the “Shelf Browse” link (see below), patrons can see what books are next to the current title on a virtual shelf.  By moving the shelf slider, one is able to view up and down the shelf to see its contents.

Teachers and staff may place resource lists (below) on the main page.  Clicking on the list title will bring up a graphic of all the books in the list.

Once a patron logs in with their district username and password, they are then able to add friends (below).

They can then write book reviews, and recommend books to their friends as well as add books to their own, “, Have Read”, “Now Reading”  and “Want To Read” book shelves.  Friends then get to share in the reading experience!

If you have  questions about Destiny Quest, please direct them to Mr. Lash.


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